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Saturday, 29 August 2015 02:59

Hooked On Golf Blog
The #1 Blog In Golf

Pechanga Cart Path Water Hazards
I hate cart paths. They’re a menace and diminish the game of golf in my opinion.  You will ...

Coolest Belt Buckle Ever? First Look at NXT18GOLF Milled Aluminum Belt Buckles
I present to you what I believe is the coolest belt buckle on this planet, and likely many other ...

So I’m Not Liable If I Intentionally Knock Out The House Windows?
I’m such a diehard with the grammatical details… Every time I play the 3rd hole at one ...

This Week on Tour – FedEx Cup Playoffs, Web.com Tour, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour, European Tour
PGA TOUR The Barclays Dates: Aug. 27-30 Venue: Plainfield Country Club, Edison, N.J. Tournament ...

CaddyDaddy Co-Pilot Pro Hybrid Golf Travel Bag Review
I believe in doing proper golf equipment reviews by putting the gear to use in the actual ...

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