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Monday, 08 February 2016 16:27

Hooked On Golf Blog
The #1 Blog In Golf

First Look: Marc Pro Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine
As of my last birthday I’m now¬†qualified for the local “senior” 8-man team. ...

First Look – IJP Design Tour Tech Golf Pants
Wardrobe upgrade alert: I’m happy to report that I’ll be reviewing some apparel items ...

Tweeter Alliss Pens the Tweet of the Week – Waste Management Phoenix Open Style
What an innovation, they have an implement that measures the average IQ of the fans on 16. ...

RELIEFOR – Topical Analgesic for Golf’s Aches and Pains
Mornings are quite painful for me these days. After the initial pain of looking in the mirror wears ...

Killer Box from Bridgestone Golf Previews the 2016 B330 Models
This winter has been killing me with regards to getting to product reviews. The courses are closed, ...

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